Bulgaria Leads EU in Female Participation in the IT Sector

Holland Hires takes this special holiday to celebrate and honor the contributions of women engineers, physicists, and researchers.

In our commitment to supporting women in IT and technology, we are delighted to share remarkable statistics about Bulgarian women in the sector, along with the motivational journey of a successful female programmer in the field.

As per the latest article published on BTV Media Group, Bulgaria holds the leading position in the European Union regarding the percentage of women working in the information technology (IT) sector compared to men, as highlighted by recent data from Eurostat. With an impressive share of over 31% women in the IT industry, the country outpaces other EU member states, with Denmark and Cyprus closely behind, and Romania taking the fourth spot. Despite the continued dominance of men in the IT sphere within the EU, their numbers have seen a slight increase of over 7% in the past year, totaling 2.5 million employed individuals.

Highlighting the impact of women in IT is the story of 29-year-old Gabriela, a successful programmer who also actively contributes to the community by organizing workshops for women interested in information technology. Her journey, bolstered by educational initiatives and mentorship, illustrates the effective systems in place for encouraging and supporting women in the tech industry.

Furthermore, Bulgaria showcases no significant gender pay gap in the IT and communication sector, underlining the nation’s dedication to equality and the sustainable development of its human capital within this field.

Associate Professor Agata Manolova points to the longstanding cultural push for girls to follow their professional interests and ambitions, free from stereotypical constraints. This approach has cultivated motivated and focused professionals who are appealing to companies and play a significant part in enhancing the sector’s workforce quality.

Bulgaria thus sets a precedent for other countries in the EU and worldwide in integrating women into technological professions and dismantling traditional barriers to their professional advancement.

The story of Gabriela and the achievements of women in the IT sector in Bulgaria have left us incredibly inspired! We are optimistic that her journey will motivate many to reach new heights and contribute to the successes of women in both Bulgarian and global scientific fields.

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The Holland Hires team