HollandHires includes Greentech positions

You may have noticed: Holland Hires Recruitment is expanding its business approaches! As well as offering positions for highly educated technical professionals, we now also match specialists working in the green and environmental spheres: renewable energy, Clean Tech, environmental, sustainability, and many more.
Because of the many environmental challenges, new requirements and investment opportunities at present, and the energy transition that is taking place towards a low carbon society, we are supporting the improvement of the sector by offering recruitment services to candidates and companies to identify ‘green talents’, both local and internationally.
We are working to increase our portfolio with companies in Western Europe as well as with leading companies and organisations in Bulgaria.
Furthermore, we are also strengthening our ties with local green & tech companies in Bulgaria.
We have, for example, provided recruitment services for CSI EOOD.
CSI is a Sofia-based technology company that mediates between industries outsourcing chemical R&D projects and public research institutes in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries looking for industrial partners.
So, whether you’re a candidate or an organisation with recruitment needs for these sectors, do contact us!
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