The Recruitment process

We appreciate that you are interested in embarking on a new career, possibly with our help.

The first step is choosing the position or positions to apply. Bear in mind that requirements and conditions vary according to the different companies we offer vacancies for. A Master's degree is usually the minimal requirement. At most of the companies Holland Hires is dealing with, language skills in English are the standard. Often, you find yourself to be working in an international environment. If you have a PhD or have some sort of background as a researcher, this will be an added bonus.

Holland Hires Recruitment offers you the following assistance in finding your way towards a job within a high tech company, either in Bulgaria or in the Netherlands

  • Upload your CV (in English) here, on our website
  • Apply to one of the open positiosns, which you can find on our main page or for jobs in the Netherlands, use this website directly, registering first with your email
  • Join our LinkedIn discussion group or company page for updates on recent vacancies
  • Subscribe for our newsletter where we offer a bundle of useful info on living and working in Holland, as well as our most recent vacancies, provided by our partners in Holland - Brainport Bulgaria
  • Send your CV or motivational letter specifying the job you are applying for to

If you need assistance with compiling the necessary documents, please let us know and we can help you get the best out of you in presenting yourself.

Once you submitted your application, our partners in Holland will have another look at your CV and letter and discuss whether you are eligible to proceed with the selection process. If you get the green light, a series of interviews will follow - first with us, in our office in Sofia, Bulgaria. After that you will be invited for an interview at the company of your choice (which might well be abroad!). The process may take up to three months from applying to finalizing the offer.

In the case of working abroad, we will assist you with:

  • Registering as a resident in the new country
  • Obtaining an ID number or "социален/граждански номер" in Bulgarian. This number is to be used for all tax purposes.
  • Setting up a bank account

Luckily, Bulgarian and other EU/EEA/Swiss citizens do not require a working permit to work in other EU member states.

So, in short, this was the outline of the whole recruitment and selection process that we offer to our candidates. Of course, there are many more details that need to be discussed but that will happen in the course of the process. For now, we wish you good luck and remember: make the most of it!

Holland Hires Team 🙂