Talk like a Dutch

Starting a new job, especially one in a different country can always be a daunting experience, even for people who are used to moving around the globe. It is not just about meeting with new colleagues, finding a new place to live in, getting familiar with new rules, but also facing the problems simple communication can pose. Even if you speak the same language, the strong chance of misunderstanding between representatives from different nations always exists.

Every country and region has their own customs, traditions, rituals and appropriate behaviour. A word or gesture, presumed as polite in one place, could be extremely rude in other. The verbal expression literally mirrors the unique features of the different groups of people: therefore it is the easiest way to embarrass yourself or offend somebody without knowing it. Of course, with the time passing everybody learns how to communicate properly at a new place: the hard way or easy way.

The Netherlands is not an exception. There are wide varieties of the language expressions within the country and even with the English speakers some misunderstandings may occur. So, in order to avoid them or to make fun out of them, have a look at the article below for a very funny and very true guide to How to talk like the Dutch.

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